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Kelco Products Limited distributes the Kelco range of products in New Zealand and the South Pacific region.         

The Kelco range includes simple inline switches, paddle switches, pressure switches and flow switches through to highly sophisticated programmable pump controllers with features such as anti-cycling, delays on start and after stopping, burst pipe detection and loss-of-prime protection.

These corrosion resistant products have a wide range of applications; from manufacturing and commercial through to agriculture and irrigation - in fact anywhere fluids are being moved.



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IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard

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Introducing the IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard

The ultimate protection device for helical rotor & centrifugal pumps Originally
designed for the protection and control of helical rotor pumps in dairy effluent
systems, the IPG20 also functions as a precision over and under pressure and
flow protection device for centrifugal pumps of all sizes. The IPG20 is able to
learn the pressure characteristics of the system it is installed in and automatically
compensate for pressure change due to changes in water level and in changing
ground elevation in both fixed and travelling irrigation systems. It is able to
differentiate between natural pressure drift and genuine fault conditions and to
shut a pump down as soon as a fault is detected. The IPG20 includes many
advanced features and functions allowing it to be configured to suit most
irrigation systems large and small. Further information can be found at the
following link: IPG20

Introducing the F60 Pump Controller

We are proud to announce the long awaited relaese of the Kelco F60 pump controller.
This new product has been in development for three years and is our most advanced
controller to date.  More infromtion including YouTube video presentations can
be found at the following link: Kelco F60

 Paddle Trimming Calculator

We have added a new easy to use paddle trimming calculator to our website.
Previous versions of this calculator were Microsoft Excel based.
The new calculator can be found here: Calculator

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